C&W/PSI restore connectivity (peering?) Re: C&W Peering

Wow, less than a week. Not too bad as peering disputes go.

If you'd like to re-read older PSI peering dispute

A person from ANS: http://www.interesting-people.org/archive/0435.html
A person from PSI: http://www.interesting-people.org/archive/0436.html

I would be interested in hearing what folks who once worked as the
"peering coordinator" for a large ISP, and later worked as a smaller
ISP trying to negotiate from different sides of the table think. I
believe every major ISP has turned over their peering staff at least
once, and some multiple times.

Do the views hold constant no matter where they are, or are they
flexible depending whether they are currently working at the big
ISP or at the startup ISP?