C&W Explination (fwd)

Interesting...can anybody confirm that ATT and UU were going to drop PSI
as well? Or is this just C&W doing their best to spin?


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A few points:

1) As a general rule, I wouldn't take peering advice from saledroids. I
especially wouldn't take it from C&W salesdroids.
2) If these three, large providers were actually colluding to disconnect
PSI's peering on the SAME weekend, they would be in very hot water. DOJ?
3) PSI has wholesale dialup, so the explanation of traffic inbalance is
4) PSI was only one of a number of providers that CW's depeered within the
last two weeks. I have heard of half a dozen others.
5) C&W sent out their depeering letters over 60 days ago, as stipulating in
their BLPA. Other providers have similar cooling off periods.

Looks like the guy was snowing you. Surprise. :slight_smile:

- Daniel Golding