[c-nsp] Leaked Video or Not (Linux and Cisco for internal Sales folks)

No, things changed there as well. Lookup merchant sillicon, and revise this
post every 6 months. have you heard of Barefoot networks? The days of ASICs
from Cisco are gone and we are glad, we tested the P4 DSL (cisco never got
that right with mantel) on Nexus and its wonderful.

The asics you speak of are no longer important or valuable because people
realized that in many networking planets and galaxies, the asic is reflects
the network design, they are related, and specifically for the data center,
the clos fabric design won, and that does not require fancy asics.
I guess your knowledge is out dated a bit. Cisco itself is using those
merchant sillicon ASICs happily. (lookup Chuck's comments on nexus9000,
best selling cisco switch ever)...guess it is a good switch, because bright
box pushed cisco to do that, and if any one on this list can disagree with
me here, i'm up to that challenge.

What i have discovered recently is that things happen in following way.

Your boss or his boss picks a work culture (no one gets fired for buying
IBM/Cisco), that culture (buying the shiny suits) impacts how you do work,
it makes you select vendors (the ones that sends me to vegas every year)
and not the right network design, you select cisco and you are stuck there
for life, because once they tell you how things should work (aka :
certificates), things are worse, now every time you make a new network
purchase (afraid of new CLI ), you will not be able to look the other way
because you just dont know any thing else (and loosing your certificate

I wish the culture would change to, no one got fired for buying closed but
didnt get promoted either. change requires boldness.


Unfortunately, like many other industry terms, "open" is becoming a
meaningless marketing buzzword much like "cloud", "converged", even
"redundancy" or any other technical term that has had its definition
diluted as time goes on. We're all well aware on the ISP side that it
only takes one Fortune 500 to start using a buzzword incorrectly, then
the rest of the big guys all the way to mom and pop shops around the
world start using it in the same context. Unfortunately I don't see
any end to this trend in sight.

       "...fingerprints is took, days is lost, bail is made, court
dates are ignored, cycle is repeated."
                - Early Cuyler


open APIs tops that funny abuse list IMHO :

can we change the topic of the thread to an informative one, instead
of a leaked video or not, to why exactly do network engineers are
often confused by the abusive marketing all over the place of what is
open and what is not and other computing terms.

I guess this is happening in networking more often than other domains
because networking people didnt get a chance in their career to learn
about the world of computing, their heads were somewhere else,
learning about complex networking protocols and not the common
computing interfaces, the open source world, existing frameworks and
paradigms, this video helps a bit on how did this happen:

has anyone here seen list of topics that network engineers usually
miss on their journey ? i know they never get exposed to software
development and engineering in general, databases, web technologies,
operating system fundamentals.

opinions ?


You can certainly add 'security' to the list.

I don't mean 'network security' here but 'information security' as a whole.

A lot of vendors (notably AV) uses of a lot of marketing terms and they
also play with the fears of people to sell their (insert revolutionary)

Some of them could be rather useless in a security standpoint,
especially if not properly tuned and configured. It can bring a false
sense of security which is sometimes worst than a sense of security at all.

My two cent..

What do you mean ? Examples of Telemetry use cases are infinite?

Are you asking for popular use cases that were not possible with snmp and