[c-nsp] automatic bgp route refresh

Joe Maimon wrote:

Hey All,

I would greatly appreciate it if somebody would point me to the release
notes for the change I see in 15.1 where BGP neighbor route-map
configurations happen in real time, without needing any clearing, soft
or otherwise.

Much obliged.



So I opened the TAC case, went through the repro multiple times, documented it, webexed it, discussed it.

First I am told that there is an undocumented command to turn it off.

The feature we are talking about is route refresh capability

this is a bgp hidden command which will not negotiate this capability and you will have to manually refresh routes after making any configuration changes.

neighbor x.x.x.x dont-capability-negotiate enhanced-refresh

Which does not work.

Then I am told that all IOS have been updated to do this and that there are no publicly available release notes for this change and if I want any further help, I need to have my account manager convince them that I am worthy.

Which seems to be the way they try to resolve all cases these days.

Cisco support has sunk to new levels. You end up paying them to sadistically torture and tantalize you. Which I am not into.

I remember when they would actually file a bug when you found one (with a mtrr +-2yrs).