But few companies say that they are as fully prepared as Equinix

AT&T reported 97 out of 100 generators worked in their network. MCI had
one generator fail due to a burned out part. Two carrier hotels had
problems with backup generators.

For backup generators that is an excellent performance. The Department
of Energy study found typically fewer backup generators have a successful
start during a blackout. Even with perfect planning, maintenance and
testing; its often a roll of dice which generators will start.

New York Times August 16 2003
Good Day for Concerns That Help Save Data


Companies that have made serious investments in disaster preparation said
that they came through the day without a bump.

"I'm happy to say we executed flawlessly yesterday," said Margie Backaus,
the chief business officer for Equinix, which maintains data centers and
helps large Internet networks exchange data traffic. The company's major
computing centers in Newark and Secaucus, N.J., each receive power from
two substations to ensure a steady flow of electricity. But when the
regional grid failed, both Equinix centers went to battery power and then
to diesel generators automatically, and the packets of data continued
their passage across the Internet unhindered, she said. "Everything fell
into place."