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From: "William Allen Simpson" <wsimpson@greendragon.com>
> From: "Steven J. Sobol" <sjsobol@nacs.net>
> Ameritech offers the same service, and I've only been charged for the times
> I've actually used the feature. If I hang up, I don't get charged. I have to
> believe BellSouth works the same way, although I could be wrong.
Ameritech doesn't offer it here in Michigan, so I don't know what
problems there are.

Well, I'll be damned! It's here today.

Only 2 days ago, I got a normal busy signal here in Ann Arbor. Just
now, I got a voiceover that said

  "Let repeat dialing call you back when this line is free. To
  activate, for 75 cents, press 3. No additional charge to repeat
  dialing customers. If you are calling from a rotary dial phone, please
  hang up and dial 1166."

I could barely hear the busy signal in the background, but the modem
didn't catch it.

Good thing there isn't a 3 or a 1166 in my dialing sequence.

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Yes, that's the message. Automatic Callback is another service. Thanks.

I forwarded the initial post on this to News.com and got a callback a
couple of days later. I told the reporter he needed to contact the folks
involved in the post and reply as I wasn't personally effected...I just
thought it newsworthy. He said he would....

Has anyone been contacted by news.com?

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