Building Cited for Housing Fuel Tanks Catches Fire [NYT]

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

That's the irony -- if the fuel had been stored in the basement as required,
it might have become involved in the otherwise-unrelated electrical fire.

I doubt that. If the fuel had been stored " required..." not
just in the basement.... then the wiring likely would have met
Category 500 or similar, and it's doubtful there would have been
an electrical fire.

My point is, it's a BAD time to mess with FDNY. Besides the WTC
memory, West Warwick is not that far away from NYC.

The New York City Department of Buildings (i.e. the people who review
building plans and issue occupancy certificates) was also located in the
same building, until July of 2002.

So far I haven't read in the news reports which tenant or base building
was responsible for the space which caught fire.