Building a NOC

I think I'd disagree with that. Where would all you folks be if you never
picked up a book? You wouldn't be reading this list. Seriously, while
there's not an ORA "How to Build a NOC" book with some cute animal on the
cover, there is some information out there worth reading.

I'd suggest digging through some telco info (if you'd like to consider a
CO a NOC). Also, there should be plenty of people on this list that
work in or have even designed decent sized NOCs. You can also cheat and
go browsing as a prospective customer at someplace like Exodus or any
other colo facility that is well-managed and modern. You can actually
learn quite a bit by just looking around...

Excellent observation. There was a text, _Engineering and Operations in
the Bell System_, that gave some good operational experience. With
divestiture, I'm not sure who took it over. I vaguely remember that
_Transmission Systems for Communications_ went to AT&T Bell Labs, and E&O
went to Bellcore.

I'd also consider looking through some of the military communications
manuals. Unfortunately, I'm in the midst of a computer conversion and have
to recover some bookmark files, but you can search for Army Field Manuals
online -- they are at the TRADOC site at Ft. Monroe.