Building a moderated nanog (was Re: hm..)

James Rishaw busts through the QRM with...

Something else that needs to be considered is blowing up the list (making
smaller, distributed lists). It takes hours sometimes for mail to go through
the distribution.

Sometimes, I'll post, and I'll get four, five, six replies before I see my
post to the list bounce back this way. It takes hours. :frowning: Too long for a
list where sometimes time-critical information is discussed.

A six hour delay because the list of addressess is too large? That would
take tens or hundreds of thousands of addressess, or else some precisely
paced queueing logic, or a pathetically overloaded machine.

I vote for Tim Ramsey setting things up on his Listserv server, if for no
other reason than to just evaluate how well it works. Let's give it a try
for a while.