Build an anycast network on a shoestring

@natmorris did something similar 18 months to 2 years or so ago too
video below from uknof 30 ..

Wow thanks for sharing both of these. Anycast can be "black magic"
sometimes, and the more that is known about it by operators the better. I'm
somewhat surprised that ECMP
I've done a little poor-mans anycasting within a network by simply using
OSPF and some /32's. Had IPv4 space not been at such a premium when I got
into the game, I would have definitely attempted to get a larger block so
that I could anycast a /24 of it. :frowning:

Theodore Baschak - AS395089 - Hextet Systems -

Honestly, it’s not that difficult… Here are a few papers from quite a while ago, when some of the lessons were a little more recently-learned:


If you're doing ECMP w/i the DC, PMTUD does come to mind, though:

I've also set up an anycast AS, based on the work of others, notably Nat Morris.

If you are looking for providers that are willing to peer with your VPS over BGP, you can check the IRR records of AS204248: whois -r AS204248
But you need to manually check for best routing paths, which can be a slow process.
Using the nlnog ring is a great help when dealing with routings issues on an anycast network.

I'm available if somebody need help with that.