bufferbloat-beating customer shaping via LibreQoS

There's been a huge uptake in interest lately in doing better per
device and per customer shaping, especially for
ISPs, in the libreQoS.io project, which is leveraging the best ideas
bufferbloat project members have had over the
past decade (cake, bpf, xdp) to push an x86 middlebox well past the
10Gbit barrier, on sub-2k boxes, with really
good stats on backlogs, drops, and ecn marks. I've long primarily
tried to get fq_codel and cake running on the CPE (most recently
mikrotik), and that's been taking too long.

I have no idea to what extent members of this list have interest in
this, but if you know of a smaller ISP with bad bufferbloat,
please pass that link along? It's got ridiculously easier to set up as
a vm of late.

There is presently a design discussion going on over here:

And by mentioning it here, today, I'm mostly asking what other real
life use cases we should try to tackle? What backend tools should we
try to integrate with?

Take a look at Preseem as the features it has and graphs are great. WISPs need this type of system and would show added interest if it has those charts and metrics. The integrations are good also. HubSpot integration is a plus so we can pull user data out of it and add it to their HubSpot profiles.

Thanks for the shoutout, Norman. Preseem isn’t at 50Gbps in 1U yet, but we will get there.

I hope more folks listen to Dave, open vs. closed source solutions aside — AQM makes a shocking amount of difference to quality of experience.