Budget news: Proposed Puerto Rico FEMA distribution center (warehouse)

Program Change 1 – Caribbean Area Office and Warehouse Support:

The FY 2023 Budget includes an increase of $1.4M for the staffing and operational costs of the Puerto Rico Distribution Centers (DC). Staff will
manage readiness, disaster response operations and the distribution of commodities for the FEMA DCs in Puerto Rico.

As a result of lesson learned responding during the 2017 and 2018 hurricane seasons, analysis of observed maritime parameters has determined the requirement for one week of supply necessary to bridge a tailored disaster supply chain from CONUS.

To meet these readiness targets, the sites require staffing that are prepared to respond to all future major declarations, in lieu of being temporarily funded by a single, current major disaster declaration. This will allow sustained continuity of disaster support within the Caribbean. Organization structure of these facilities are based on models used at other FEMA distribution centers.

Reminder: The annual president's budget proposal is mostly imaginary. The traditional joke is Congress tosses it in the trash bin immediately after the press conference. Nevertheless, its good to see some of the problems after the 2017/2018 caribbean hurricanes mentioned.

In 2017/2018 took over a month to get the disaster response supply chain from CONUS to the island territories (PR/USVI) working in spite of many heroic efforts at the time.