Broken US domain nameserver run by

This is a report of a small-scale, but real, problem. I have
attempted to resolve this through channels and haven't gotten

Roughly 5-6 years ago, I registered with the ISI
US domain registrar, as an MX record pointing at
I began using that address shortly thereafter for non-work-related

At some point last summer, the domain was delegated to

Some time in the last 24 hours, the MX record served up mysteriously
changed to point at the non-existant host

and all my incoming mail started bouncing.

I became aware of this shortly before noon today.

All efforts to contact anyone at have failed; they
have a phone number (which is answered by an answering machine) and
email (which hasn't been answered). I've been calling once an hour or
so for the past six hours and haven't yet gotten a response. is purportedly located at a business park in Roanoke,

% whois
Family Names, Inc. (FAMILY-NAMES-DOM)
   2018 Electric Road, Suite 174
   Roanoke, VA 24018

   Domain Name: FAMILY-NAMES.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact, Billing Contact:
      Barnes, Jody Jay (JJB18) jody@FAMILY-NAMES.COM
      540 772-1034

The errant servers are and
which appear to both be behind the same MS.UU.NET router in Miami,

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40
byte packets
1 ( 70.547 ms 69.026 ms 81.773
2 ( 75.132 ms 70.485 ms
67.667 ms
3 903.Hssi3-0.GW1.BOS1.ALTER.NET ( 68.955 ms 74.218
ms 69.726 ms
4 Fddi0-0.CR1.BOS1.Alter.Net ( 132.189 ms 77.84 ms
78.156 ms
5 103.Hssi4-0.CR1.ATL1.Alter.Net ( 116.038 ms 108.339
ms 106.268 ms
6 109.Hssi4-0.GW1.MIA1.Alter.Net ( 215.531 ms 126.527
ms 129.444 ms
7 Fddi0.AR1.MIA1.Alter.Net ( 123.469 ms 123.53 ms
123.201 ms
8 Max5.Miami.FL.MS.UU.NET ( 127.192 ms 126.031 ms
126.636 ms
9 171.087 ms 162.706 ms 150.055 ms
10 * * *

Alternet customer service has not been helpful.

Anyone out there with a clue about this outfit or any suggestions on
where to go next?

Thanks in advance for any pointers..

            - Bill