Broken IPv6 firmware on U-Verse 3801HGV

I noticed that AT&T released some firmware with IPv6 support back in
May for their 3801HGV (and related) gateways. To try this out, I
factory-reset my 3801HGV (still on version 6.9) and it installed the
6.11 firmware about 10 minutes later. I then used the obscure page at to
request an IPv6 address ("wait 48 hours" it said) and got a routable
IPv6 address in just a few minutes.

All for naught, though. With IPv6 enabled, the 3801HGV crashed and
rebooted about once an hour. After unchecking "IPv6 LAN Enabled" in everything went back to normal.

If anyone from AT&T is listening, I'm happy to help diagnose your
firmware problems.


This happened to me as well. I called support, they rolled a truck and installed
the NVG589. Had them come back out a week later and bond the pairs, and
IPv6 via their 6RD is working without issue.

At the time, I thought it was an actual hardware issue. After a few reboot
cycles, it was only staying up ~3 seconds at a time before rebooting again.

please refer to the e-mail I sent to this list last December about IPv6 and u-verse.