broken glue in .net domain

We are attempting to get the Internic to change our secondary nameserver
for the domain but not having much luck. Our change requests
for went through in a few days. But the Internic rejected
the first request saying we needed to use a new form. So we resubmitted
but it is now almost two weeks ago. What is the point of a new form if we
cannot get things updated any faster?

Then we noticed that DNS to our new secondary nameserver was
acting wierd. So we dug into the .net domain and discovered several A
records with the WRONG IP ADDRESS. I don't know whether it was a typing
error at the Internic or whether somebody at BC.NET screwed up, but why
do changes like this take so long if nobody even verifies such a simple
and obvious thing?

You can see this by trying the whois command on, or Compare the IP address for with the one
given by nslookup when talking to an authoratative server for the domain

In addition there is at least one glue record for which
erroneously reports its IP address to be which is also wrong
since ns1 is the same as

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