Brocade CER MPLS

I have one CER (let’s call him Charlie) that is not able to build an LSP tunnel to another CER. Shows “Currently found no route. Will schedule for retry”. Both CER’s can ping and traceroute each other. When I had the LSP to the destination router (Snoopy) it adds the LSP and shows UP in status field. Both have the same number of routes in their ospf table. Charlie has other LSP’s built to other CER’s on the network with productive VLL’s and VPLS’s. I have removed both lsp’s from both Charlie and Snoopy and re-added them and only one Snoopy’s LSP comes up. Any ideas?


All mpls-interfaces are listed and policy is just traffic-eng ospf.


What version of Netiron are you running on each and do they both have the adv license key enabled? do show license it should show:


What's your CAM profile set to? Or, if you don't have one, do you have any MPLS stuff specified as system-max? NetIron does, uh, "bad things" if it thinks it's out of CAM space for a given type of entry.

There's also fairly extensive MPLS debugging under "debug mpls ..." that might prove useful.

If you don't need traffic engineering at all, you might be able to shut off "traffic-eng ospf" at which point you'll just get total best-effort LDP over IP using next-hop IP connectivity (regardless of how that connectivity is signaled) only AFAIK. It's braindead simple which is handy if you're having problems and don't need anything more.