Broadwing opinions

Anyone care to share opinions on broadwing as an upstream?
Responsiveness/cluefulness of noc and how well they manage their infrastructure (in terms of good change management, etc.) would be good to know.

With or without your own PI (or some other provider's PA) IPs? It's
getting to the point where it's not possible to use any large provider's
PA space and not be affected by one of several DNSBLs that use "collateral
damage" as a motivator for change...not that it seems to work terribly
well against the largest providers.

The system this message is being sent from uses as one of 4
transit providers and has recently run into issues sending email to sites
using either spews or fiveten as each of the (different providers) PA IP
blocks in use are listed in one or both of these DNSBLs as well as
additional less known DNSBLs.