Broadvoice Cluefull?

Sorry to send this here, (really, really, sorry), but does anybody know any
cluefull techie or CSR types at BroadVoice?

I've pretty much tried everything I can to get through to them but after 90
minutes on hold, and after having a working account munged by the CSR to
the point where it's no longer working, and being hungup on twice (after 30
minute holds) due to incompetant CSRs, I'm in "homicidal rage" mode about
now, and really need to get through to someone who can fix a problem.

Thanks in advance. And now back your your regularly scheduled discussion of
IP ownerships rights, etc. . . .

Jay Stewart
Zhonka Broadband

P.S. (to all service providing companies): If you're going to have to keep
people on hold for 30 minutes or more EACH time they call, please spring a
few bucks for some royalty free music or poetry or something (we use Robert
Burns read by noted artist John Cairney), but PLEASE, PLEASE don't use an
insipid two minute piano loop, ugh. . .