Broadcast pings.

Has anyone seen an increase of broadcast pings, where the source route
appears to be from a nameserver?

We took a look through our access-list logs, and it seems all of the
attempted attacks during the last few days have had an IP-source of a

Just thought it was curious.

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Yes we see a lot of broadcast pings, one network after the next in
sequential order through CIDR blocks. Fun. Probably 5-10 attacks/day.

I had a customers link go down because they were the target of a smurf
attack a few weeks ago, and when I was sniffing the link to find out what
was going on, I found tons of packets coming from root nameservers, .gov
sites, and other places. If I hadn't been at a terminal, I'd have done a
better job of logging them when it happened. As it stands, I just turned
off ICMP into my routers for a few hours and all was well. What I would
have given to have had a dedicated sniffer so I could have done a better
job of logging.

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