Broadcast ICMP's at Mae East from Nacamar / Nacamar Contact

(On more than one occasion I have wondered why there is so much
non-NA activity on an ostensibly NA specific list.)

I am one of those pests you just can't get rid of, Bill.

However, to be a sophist for a moment, "North American Network
Operators' Group" can still include me, since, while the
network here isn't North American, there is technically a
North American involved in operating it. (Heck, a colleague
of mine is *in* North America richt now, even)

Besides, you never know when or if we will expand into
North America, like several other European-based colleagues
here who have equipment and infrastructure in the U.S. and
elsewhere in North America. (Quick quiz: where does

I note that part of EUNET's network is North American,
so this also covers Per Bilse.
I note that Per even made a _operationally relevant_ announcement
here yesterday, so like don't knock the people providing
actual content on this list. --:slight_smile: