Broadband v. baseband ... again?

At the risk of incurring the wrath of Mr. Meyer by posting without

What about at the risk of looking like a gigantic idiot in front of a
whole 'lot of people?

I offer the following: Harry Newton, of "Newton's TELECOM
Dictionary - The Official Dictionary of Telecommunications & the
Interent" (Updated 15th Expanded Edition), defines "Broadband" (in the
WAN context) as anything over 45Mbps (T3).

From the Offical Dumbfuck's Guide to Not Posting Stupid Shit to Nanog

(Updated and Expanded 69th Edition):

       noun 1: A person so stupid their right to live should seriously
               be questioned before they have a chance to breed.

       see: People who make up definitions.

The language we use in our industry is evolving at an extremely rapid
rate. The great unwashed masses don't necessarily stick with the time
honored definitions we would prefer that they admire, respect, and
accept as gospel. Get over it!

Hrm any other definitions we can make up? We've already redefined Tier 1
to mean anyone who thinks their network is good enough to call it that.
Lets change broadband and baseband too, it's too difficult to explain it
to people.

>From the Offical Dumb****'s Guide to Not Posting Stupid **** to

    > Nanog (Updated and Expanded 69th Edition):

From the NANOG list AUP:

    Acceptable Use Policy

      4.Postings that include foul language, character
        assassination, and lack of respect for other participants are

    Individuals who violate these guidelines will be contacted personally
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...Much as I agree with your sentiment, of course.