Brad's Mail (was: Paul's Mailfrom)

That's exactly what Outlook users are supposed to see. Check the full headers of my messages to see how it's done.

From: Brad Knowles <>
Subject: Re: Brad's Mail (was: Paul's Mailfrom)
X-Message-Flag: Your copy of Outlook will expire in 3 days. Please
    contact Microsoft about purchasing a new license. Remember: software
    piracy is a felony!

Your full headers are amusing. Is it legal (wrong group, I know)
to disclose information like this to third parties? Seems rather
slimy for a MUA to pull a stunt like that...

Sorry for the OT.


Yes, it's pretty slimy for an MUA to do this, but you're wrong as to what was
really going on. Look a bit at this message in Outlook and think...