box against dos/ddos


I looking some box (vendor, model), which i can put out of the main/product network, which can analyze packets netflow,sflow,syslog from bgp router(s) and after discover some anomaly it can do some action, for example:

- Box have bgp session with bgp router and advertise attacked ip prefix with some community. Bgp router set next-hop for this prefix to /dev/null

Normal traffic via bgp router is about 1G/s in and 10G/s out

What is worth of looking and what you suggest ?

thanks for help,

arbor peakflow to start with?

2nd the Peakflow recommendation.

Agreed, my shortlist for evaluation would include Arbor, Radware and Genie NRM. New players to the market include just about every IPS and application load balancing solution out there.

+1 for Radware

I think Radware has to sit inline. I do not believe they offer BGP offramp,
so keep that in mind.

Arbour Peakflow is probably the way to go.

However if you don't want to spend a ton of money, you might
want to consider using a stub router +bgp coupled with a server
running the appropriate SNMP tools (perhaps cacti) to publish your desired data.

It's not the most convenient solution but it should do..



Most larger ISPs offer this as a service that you can add on with existing contracts. They usually guarantee up to a certain bandwidth level what they will provide as "clean pipe service". Be advised most ISPs are only able to scrub to L3, anything higher and you have to start looking at Verisign, Prolexic or similar and/or something in house. Especially for SSL based attacks.