botnets: web servers, end-systems and Vint Cerf

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Hey, Danny:

While I understand your frustration, lest we not forget, providers

are in

the business of making money, and solutions of this type today only add
to churn, additional operational expense and liability. It's not

quite so

black and white as you make it, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, if ISPs don't do _something_ to "clean up their
own backyards", I hate to think of what the alternative may be.

With that, as Sean points out, providers are trying to address the


in an business-savvy manner and some do seem to have reasonable (IMO)
solutions underway. But be careful what you ask for, some of these
solutions you're mandating might very well resemble SiteFinder-style
schema's (or far worse) in order to justify the investment by the


It's a hairy problem, but an important one that needs to be

- - ferg