botnets: web servers, end-systems and Vint Cerf [LONG, sorry]

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And this is before we get into the academic off-topic discussion of what a
bot actually is, which after almost 11 years of dealing with these I find
difficult to define. Is it an IP address? A computer? Perhaps an instance
of a bot (and every machine could have even hundreds).

Welcome to the realm of Internet security operations and the different
groups and folks involved (and now industry). It is about Internet
security rather than this or that network security or this and that sample

Interestingly enough, I discovered during my trip to Tokyo this
week that the Japanese government is _mandating_ that the national
ISPs address the botnet problem, specifically.

I'm still gathering details on the framework -- which is still
being defined, if I'm not mistaken -- but I applaud them for
taking the lead in this regard.

If they are even marginally successful, I hope it will be an
example for others around the world to stop making excuses and
begin addressing the problem.

- - ferg