botnet reporting by AS - what about you?

I was on it and unsubscribed. They wouldn’t disclose the collection or validation process at that time. This made it useless for the most part as its hard to act on someones word without some idea of how they are getting their data and avoiding collateral damage.

I’m not saying there aren’t valid zombies on it, but my criteria for a list that identifies rogues includes trust. I have lists I felt were more trustworthy than DA.

Things may have changed.


this was part of my point ;( It's hard to call up a customer and say:
"someone told me that you were bad, could you stop please?" normally they
hangup after saying something uncooth and about 'you are crazy'... :frowning: I
may be crazy, but most of the abuse folks aren't.

there has to be complete info in the complaint:

1) logs
2) timestamps
3) timezones

they should be in some structured (see inch-wg/rid for some
almost-standards-based examples) text-based format that is easily parsable
by machines.