botnet reporting by AS - what about you?


This isn’t a contact list for hundreds of asn’s.


This isn't a contact list for hundreds of asn's.

perhaps we could back up and ask:

1) why are you not using the arin/ripe/apnic/japnic/krnic/lacnic poc's for
these asn's? certainly some are not up to date, but there are a large
number that are...
2) what is this for again?
3) are you planning on sending something to these poc's?
4) what are you planning on sending to them?
5) how often should they expect to see something, and from 'whom'?
6) looked at the INCH working group in IETF, thought about using some of
these evolving standards for your alerts/messags/missives?
7) please don't send in bmp files of traceroutes (make the info you send
in complete and usable... 'I saw a bot on ip 12' is not useable, as an