Border routers

Hello guys,

I need to buy 2 border routers to handle 2 155Mbps links using BGP full
route with each ISP. What may I analyse at the routers hardware?

I'm asking for:
1Giga Byte of RAM expansible to 1,5GB
1.000.000 FIB capacity in hardware (since 512K won't be enought soon)
1.000.000 RIB capacity.

What do you recommend to ask for? Are these specifications ok? Do I need
more RAM or less FIB?
Is there any site I can use to see specifications for border routers? Anyone
knows of any PoC involving routers?


You can use one M7i from Juniper Networks (new 09 bundle with enhanced cfeb):

- 1 x M7iE-5GE-RE850-US-B or M7iE-2GE-RE850-US-B

- 1 x PE-2OC3-SON-SFP

It will work very well for your environment.



Thank you guys, This will be useful, but I still have some questions:
Where can I see comparations between the routers? Also, where can I find
datasheets containing FIB, RIB and BGP routes limits for cisco and Juniper?
It is quite dificult!

Thanks again!

You won't. All of the numbers published by vendors for such things are
pretty much complete and total fabrications, and will vary greatly
depending on platform, code, configuration, what features you have
turned on, etc.

For example, many people attempting to run code written in the last
couple of years on Juniper M5/M10 have already discovered that they had
to go unofficially hack^H^H^H^H upgrade the FEB DRAM to support their
configuration even though the FIB (in FEB SRAM) was nowhere near
capacity. Also, some routes will consume more memory than others
(consider 1mil unique routes vs 4x paths of the same 250k unique

It is all but impossible to come up with an accurate generic description
of how much horsepower you'll get out of a specific amount of memory,
one would need to know the platform, code, and configuration of your
network to make any kind of educated guess at all. Either find someone
with experience to consult for you, or buy something new and shiny that
is complete overkill and will last you for years. I think the Juniper MX
is the most scalable platform in terms of FIB capacity right now, thanks
to their RLDRAM architecture.

Cisco routers performance comparison chart:

If you're interested on 6500/7600 and their supervisors:

Our 7204VXR with NPE-G1 are working great with dual-stack full tables, using less than 300M of 1GB RAM.
If you're also thinking about IPv6, check the supervisors and processor engines data sheets about that too.

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