BOOM! there goes WorldCom

From: Scott Landman <>

If fibers being cut is the culprit here, does going with a supplier


Qwest make sense because their fibers are running down railroad right


ways and, therefore, should be less succeptible to a backhoe digging


it shouldn't be? Or are you looking at other, more secure mediums for


bulk of your traffic?

The key is to go with multiple suppliers who can guarantee diverse
routes. Carriers lease capacity from each other in some cases, so
Sprint and MCI can give you circuits in the same physical fiber.

Sprint and AT&T are implementing SONET protection switching which will
reroute circuits around fiber cuts in 50ms. I don't know if they do it
as a rule, or if you need to specify rerouting priority (and pay for

It's interesting to look at a carrier's fiber map and compare it to a
railroad map. You'll see MANY similarities. Railroad rights of way are
the easiest areas to install fiber.


Sprint uses 4 ring sonet loops. Two backup and two active. This way
there is total capacity availiable in the event of a fiber cut. The data
just takes the reverse way around the loop on the backup path. I believe
they should have all the loops completed by the end of the year.


Actually, in light of the conversation we've been having about carriers
flagging routes that are part of diversity pairs, what happens is you
get two circuits for such service from separate carriers.

Would they have any way of avoiding co-lo'ing the circuits? Is there
an intercompany tag for circuit paths?

-- jra