Book on Network Architecture and Design

Fellow NANOGers,

I am in search of a good book about Network Architecture and Design,
with emphasis in Quality of Service and convergent networks, to be used
as a reference. Could you please indcate your favorites?

Some might say those two mutually exclusive sets, but here are some
of my favorite general reference networking books good for most any
netop's library (in no particular order):

  An Engineering Approach to Computer Networks
  S. Keshav

  TCP/IP Illustrated: Volume I
  W. Richard Steves

  Internet Core Protocols
  Eric A. Hall

  Interconnections: 2nd Edition
  Radia Perlman

  Computer Networks: A Systems Approach
  Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie

If you want something specific to vendor hardware and configurations
I'm sure others will be happy to suggest their favorites, personally
I don't generally find those sorts of texts as useful so I can't
really speak to any of the multitude available.


Kozierok is pretty handy, too:


Just nitpicking, but SteveNs is the bible to me.