Bonded Pipes

We have installed several of the WebRamp products and still have mixed
emotions about them. They are certainly an inexpensive way to provide higher
bandwidth and take little time to setup and install. We had some initial
problems getting the PPP working with terminal servers but soon discovered
it was a matter of an un-supported compression algorithm.

The products seem to work as advertised with one small glitch, the time out.
If using the analog device, the time required to dial and establish a PPP
session causes the users browser or Email client to time out. Sure, we could
keep the lines up but most business customers out here pay per minute
charges on outgoing calls so that is not really a solution. Obviously, ISDN
does not suffer from this.

Other than that, it is a product with a large market in small business and
small LAN connectivity. As to the charging for 2 or more lines, we simply
set a monthly rate slightly higher than dial up with no usage charges.

Does anyone out there have any comment on some of the new, bonded pipe
products like the WebRamp M3 or Transendmodem? From what I understand they
are saying that multiple lines can be aggregated to act as one, virtual

My question is: will the ISPs support multiple sessions from the same
account (name/password) without charging N X the number of lines per hour?
If yes, then these like like cheap alternatives to ISDN. If not, is there
any benefit to aggregating?

Robert J. Fehn Sr.,President and CEO
Senior Systems Engineer, Jersey Cape Information Systems Inc.
"Access, Engineering, Microwave Links, Consulting, Design."