Bogus announcement of by AGIS - CLEARED

I *DID* open a trouble ticket BEFORE posting.

If you are THIS disconnected from what goes on in your own company, perhaps
we need a new upstream provider.

To the Nanog community,

Karl did contact our Network Operation Center, and was forwarded to
the Engineer on call, who contacted Agis, and apparently cleared up
the problem.

Our Engineer did not open a trouble ticket, and handled the issue
privately between Karl, Agis, and himself. Mistake number 1.

I was not able to verify this information before posting my request
for a trouble ticket number from Karl because this specific Engineer
is up at the Grand Canyon at the moment, and was not available to
consult. Mistake number 2.

I apologize if anyone misread my posts as to state that Karl is a liar
or that GoodNet does not care about it's customers best interests.