Bogon update 60/8 and 223/8

[ Apologies to those who have received this post in other fora. ]

IANA has received 223/8 *from* APNIC, and allocated 60/8 *to* APNIC.
Thus 223/8 reverts to RESERVED (bogon) status and 60/8 moves to
ALLOCATED status. The numerous Team Cymru bogon projects have been
updated to reflect the following IANA allocation on April 08, 2003:

   60/8 Apr 03 APNIC
   223/8 Apr 03 IANA - Reserved

NOTE WELL: This post includes an allocation and a DE-ALLOCATION.
Please be sure to adjust your filters accordingly.

IANA allocations change over time, so please check regularly to
ensure you have the latest filters. The use of the bogon
route-server will automate these updates for you and your network
(see below). We do announce updates to the bogon projects to the
FIRST community, as well as on lists such as NANOG, isp-routing,
isp-security, isp-bgp, cisco-nsp, and bogon-announce. We can not
stress this point strongly enough - these allocations change. If
you do not adjust your filters, you will be unable to access
perhaps large portions of the Internet. Worse yet, you may end up
blocking access for people who transit through you.

Please do not blindly apply any filters or blocks to your network
without carefully considering the ramifications of doing so.

As a point of reference, the master Bogon Reference Page can be
found here:


A quick summary of the documents and projects that have been
updated include the following:

   The Bogon List
   The Text Bogon List, Unaggregated
   The Text Bogon List, Aggregated
   Secure BIND Template
   Secure IOS Template (Cisco)
   Secure BGP Template (Cisco)
   Secure JUNOS Template (Juniper)
   Secure JUNOS BGP Template (Juniper)
   Ingress Prefix Filter Templates, Loose and Strict (Cisco)
   Ingress Prefix Filter Template, Loose and Strict (Juniper)

BGP <>
   Bogon route-server[*]

RADb <>

DNS <>
   Bogon ( zone

Monitoring <>
   Bogon prefix monitoring

[*] All of the bogon peers have received the appropriate BGP prefix

Please feel free to contact Team Cymru with any comments, questions,
or concerns.

Steve, for Team Cymru.