Bogon network search tool

Hi all,

I've made some tools which may be interesting for some of you.

the facts: I'm running the SwiNOG/FRnOG RouteServer and I maintain a
database with those routes AND the oregon-ix routes in it. that's almost
over 6'000'000 routes :wink:

now to the tool,

based on RFC1918, IANA IPv4 Assignements, Rob Thomas (thanks Rob) and on
weird netmasks (0-7 and 30-32) I fetch those routes out of my DB every 2
hours and put them in another DB which is 'searchable'. I keep 30 days

go and have a look: (SwiNOG web)
or (FRnOG web)

As it's still in beta, I would appreciate feedback with
comments/ideas/flames/chocolate/$$$ ... ;p