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I haven't seen a 'icmp source lo0' interface command yet. Hopefully
it will be added for ipv6 so exchanges can use link-local addressing
(ipv6 has no fragmentation, PMTUd is mandatory).

I'm not terribly sure why you would want to make traceroutes lose all
information about the circuits you're traveling through. It would make
diagnostics an everloving nightmare, IMHO.

With link-local addressing and ip verify unicast reverse you're
not going to see any TTL exceeded traceroute packets from link-local
addresses anyway. And no ICMP size exceeded packets either, which
was my point.

But indeed it should be 'ip icmp type <TYPE> source <IP|INT>',
with at least a default 'ip icmp type 4 source lo0' or similar for
interfaces with link-local addressing.