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Why treat exchange subnets differently to any other bit of backbone

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree. I would love them all to use RFC 1918
addresses, because it is VERY VERY VERY rare that anything outside
the scope in which the 1918 local use addresses are unique actually
has to communicate with backbone infrastructure of any type.

And again Path MTU discovery gets broken.

What communication can your workstation have with an XYZNET router?

Receive ICMP size exceeded packets ?

I haven't seen a 'icmp source lo0' interface command yet. Hopefully
it will be added for ipv6 so exchanges can use link-local addressing
(ipv6 has no fragmentation, PMTUd is mandatory).


I'm not terribly sure why you would want to make traceroutes lose all
information about the circuits you're traveling through. It would make
diagnostics an everloving nightmare, IMHO.