Bogon Filter Update Request

Greetings NANOGers,

Yes, I know it has been many years since I have been more than a lurker here
on the NANOG list. It is gratifying to see the group continue to facilitate
discussions among those that "get it done" in keeping the Internet up and

Recently, I have moved back into a more operational role and I hope to
renew my involvement here as I settle back in.

So, to the point of my note: Bogon filter updates!

I want to tell you that I am very appreciative of those operators out there
that follow the changes in status of IP space and keep there BOGON filters
updated. Unfortunately, it appears that there are many that are not
doing this regularly. I have been working on getting BOGON filter updates
for the 174/8 space (IANA allocated this to ARIN back in February) with
upwards of 35 providers (some of the Tier 1 providers are among these)
over the last several weeks.

Please help me (and others who are getting allocations) by reviewing your
BOGON filters and insure you are really filtering out BOGONs and not
space that is allocated. If you need a pointer, the authorataive list
is maintained at

Thanks for your attention and I hope to see some of you at an upcoming NANOG

Stan Barber (called "the other SOB on the Internet" by Scott Bradner
many years ago in his first column for Network World magazine)

Hi, team.

*IF* you are going to enact bogon filters, please also consider
automated management of bogon filters, which you can find here:



Stan Barber wrote: