Bob Metcalfe: Re: InfoWorld Column on Netcom-Cisco Ampersand Collapse

The NANOG charter:
...Discuss specific implementation issues which require
cooperation and coordination among network service providers...

Please use this mailing list as it was intended. Thank you.

I don't think most people here actually disagree with you, but this
funny situation has occurred: A casual bystander has decided to use
the information openly presented and discussed in this forum to
further his own ends. In the process of doing so, he persistently
keeps spitting everybody in the face. It is asking too much of
people to request them to sit quietly and just take this as it
comes. Maybe if said bystander would start acting differently,
everybody could get back to more constructive issues. The only
alternative would be the one used in most other industries: small,
smoke-filled rooms with closed doors -- no bystanders. But this is
difficult to implement in the open atmosphere of the Net, and it is
sad to see this being taken advantage of. But it is one way for said
bystander to implement a self-fulfilling prophesy: the current model
is broken.