Bob Metcalf not taking his meds again....

I was delighted this afternoon to see post on on /.
entitled "Bob Metcalfe on Open Source, IPv6, IETF":


"The inventor of Ethernet Bob Metcalfe is interviewed
by AlwaysOn on current issues. Metcalfe is known for
challenging commonly accepted wisdom and this time he's
quite confrontational. On open source and operating systems:
"If you look at Windows and Linux, both are based on 25-year-
old technology. Windows is sort of a GUI version of the Mac's
operating system, and Linux is of course Unix, which stems
from 1968. These are both old clunkers. So the question is,
Where are the new operating systems likely to come from?"
On IPv6 adoption and IETF: "Back when you attended the IETF,
you all looked down your noses at the ITU (or I guess it
was called CCITT at the time)--the entrenched, corporately
manipulated, corrupt, competent standards being embodied
in IT. We were the IETF--the swashbuckling, institution-
oriented, open people, the rebels. That's changed now.
The Internet has arrived, and all of those people are
now just like ITU: IETF has become the ITU.""


One of my favorite exchanges between Metcalf and AlwaysOn,
from this article, is this one:


AlwaysOn: Where to you think this ideology stems from?

Metcalfe: The IETF, or maybe the IAB. They have beards
and wear T-shirts with tie-dye on them, and they live
in universities.

AlwaysOn: And they know how slide-rules work.

Metcalfe: Yes. Plus, they hate my guts; I used to
flame them with my columns. They're sweet people
underneath, but their ideology gets in the way.


Right, Bob. Whatever. :wink:

- ferg