boardwatch magazine -- hotbed of spammers? irresponsible jerks?

miserable scumsucking morons from hell?
completely unclear on the concept?
unaware of what NANOG is?
unaware of what the Internet is?

you decide. see below.

for the record, mr. david dixon, i did NOT ask you for any information,
i am NOT an internet service provider, i do NOT allow this kind of trash
in my inbox, and your name is now MUD in most of known space. good job.

see for background material.

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Organization: Boardwatch Magazine

Mr. Vixie,
  Sorry you are spam magnet, but I like to read BoardWatch while
taking a dump... been reading for years. TAKE their free copy, push them
that 1 issue closer to bankruptcy.

  I pick option 5, after the full issue of BoardWatch dedicated to
anti-spam. They are hipocrits <sp> with maybe Mr. Dixon's superiours
possessing some of 2 and 4 combined due to the lack of training they
provided him. 1 is too harsh and 3 can't comment on without further
screen garbage coming across.

              Tim Gibson

I think this says it all. You forgot one choice

  all of the above (X)

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Paul A Vixie wrote:

They asked me whether I wanted their free ISP directory. I
said sure. They used this as an excuse to send me a free
subscription which has been coming ever since. Good way to
pump up subscriptions for those advertisers and yet still
get most of their subscriber base to pay. I've also noticed
that those free magazines ALWAYS (4 or 5 times now) conveniently
lose your unsubscribe letter.

PS. Is the f.root located in La Honda or Woodside? I noticed
that 415 747 number.