BlackWorm infected IP's reporting

> us all the information, please don't bother. The snort SIDS were
> nice, but as far as I am concerned, IL-CERT is not a trusted
> source.

Just so people don't get confused: IL-CERT has nothing to do with what
Gadi posted and I don't seem to remember that Gadi included any mention of
IL-CERT in his postings. In addition, if anyone has any problems with the
trustworthiness of IL-CERT (Israeli Academic CERT) as listed on FIRST:
then they should raise that issue with the FIRST secretariat and on the
FIRST mailing lists where we can counter any claims to the otherwise.

This is a professional network managers/operators list. As the
manager of a Gov't CERT, you can't walk away from your comments
posting from a vanity domain. This isn't a random discussion list.
At least it didn't used to be.

FIRST knows how to get ahold of me if they need to. I'm reachable.
If any FIRST secretariat would like to discuss trust, they can also
subscribe here. We're free, and open.



You are clearly confused. I am not the manager of a Gov't CERT. I am a member of the academic CERT group. The domain I am posting from is not a vanity domain - it is the organization I represent here - (Israel Academic Compution Center). Nothing at all related to the Israeli Gov't.