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Hello everyone…

I realize this isn’t the right forum for this, so, does anyone have a Blackberry list that has discussions much like what we do here? Even better, that might have information or alerts for when there are issues?

I’m seeing an issue right now where phones from two independant providers have not recieved updates from two independant BES servers since 2:30 PM CST (that’s now about 2 1/2 hours).


Blackberry currently has problems for North America according to its

Your best source of information should be your Blackberry/RIM account manager. Yeah, I know, somehow account managers seem to always be unreachable when there are problems.

From the Wall Street Journal:

  A widespread service outage hit BlackBerry users Monday
  afternoon. AT&T said it has been told by Research In Motion
  that the problem is with RIM's infrastructure, and is
  affecting all wireless carriers in North America. The
  disruption follows an outage last April that left millions
  of customers without email access.

    --Steve Bellovin,

I sent this off list to Justin, but realized that it might be of use to the rest of the list, as well.

We went on the same hunt today when we noticed something was amiss and stumbled upon an unofficial notification list for Blackberry outages.

The subscribe page is here:

It's moderated, seems to be fairly low on the noise level, and has definitely helped us figure out what was going on.