black hat .cn networks


Sure are a lot of routes with 4134 in their path and/or are
the origin of the route...

Arin also has 4134 in their whois - just cuz its not in the IRR doesnt
mean it aint real (dunno why it aint in their asn list avail
by ftp, etc):

Data Communications Bureau (ASN-CHINALINK)
   40, Xue Yuan Lu

   Autonomous System Name: CHINALINK
   Autonomous System Number: 4134

      Wan, Jun (JW221-ARIN) dstanton@HQ.SI.NET
      (861)-201-2994 (FAX) (861)-205-3995

   Record last updated on 01-Dec-1994.
   Database last updated on 30-Apr-2001 22:35:39 EDT.

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