Bird Router Appliance projects

I’m deploying some Linux based routers with BIRD as the routing daemon.
-> Yep, Bird is a specific requirement for this project.

But is taking me to much time to adjust(and in the future keep it running good) the basic like, sysctl adjustments for routing and performance on that, ssh/snmp and security tunning for that.

So I’m looking for something a bit more “almost ready”.

I remembered BSRP(which has a recent release with support to Bird 2.0.7).
But I’m looking for something in the Linux world.

Actually, I believe that what better describes my wishes would be:
Something like Vyos or Danos, with all the complementary resources of a router like: SNMP, Netflow, SSH, Telnet, Interfaces/Address setting…
But with Bird instead of FRR.

You could build an OpenWRT image with Bird and all the config already set like you would like.

I received some contacts in PVT…

And joining the recommendations of some of them, I will give a shot with BSDRP+Napalm(with Ansible).
Let’s see if it can scale as expected.

Thank you all.