bird rib dump

a friend trying to see if bird will be better than quagga for bgp
recording can not see how to get rib dumps, as opposed to just updates.
what are we missing?


bird supposedly doesn't support rib dumps at this time.

Randy Bush wrote (2013/02/22 7:11):


I'm looking at this in the source below in sysdep/unix/log.c
and it looks like it is there. I assume you want "mrtdump protocols
The manual for Global options it says this:

mrtdump "filename"
Set MRTdump file name. This option must be specified to allow MRTdump
feature. Default: no dump file.

mrtdump protocols all|off|{ states, messages }
Set global defaults of MRTdump options. See mrtdump in the following
section. Default: off.


Ah, you said rib. Did look at the code a bit more.
It looks like there is a "dump routes" command. Might
try that.

Here it says "birdc" can do some stuff...

dump resources|sockets|interfaces|neighbors|attributes|routes|protocols


show route [[for] prefix|IP] [table sym] [filter f|where c]
[(export|preexport) p] [protocol p] [options]