bing on v6


We do not see AAAA entries for since Sep 2013 anymore [1].
For sure this is only from our measurement vantage points, so may not
be true globally. Does anybody know the backstory of what happened?

[1] (see: slide 23/32)


Best, Vaibhav

There are a few others that turned it off after IPv6 day and/or launch such as

I have heard that some of the outstanding top 25 properties are going to launch IPv6 ‘soon’, where that may be some point in 2015. I know many people have been hesitant as they don’t have the same resolver -> ip mapping data for IPv6 yet.

- jared

There are several properties that used to work and do not anymore:

John B. told me a couple of days ago to "stand by" for and, so I'm doing that. =)

And has been broken for 6 days.


And has been broken for 6 days.

Works fine for me over v6 although the chain of TLS certificates looks
kind of funky.


It literally came up within minutes of my posting. =) I know there are Frontier staff lurking on NANOG and I had already engaged a senior Frontier person on this last week, but he was dependent on their IT department to resolve this.