Bing news feeds stale for 5 days (

Any Bing engineers on here?

I work with a major search affiliate partner, and starting this morning news feeds from were coming in stale, nothing new in the past 5 days. However, this was only effecting API calls originating outside the USA.

In the US, returns fresh news, but globally through GeoDNS, that URL resolves to different IPs, those IPs (Europe, Singapore, etc.,.) are returning 5 day old news.

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but we dont have a good PoC at Bing for this… I figure there is a very good chance someone here could escalate.


Wait, what? So yesterday, it returned news for Sunday, but this morning, it's
only returning news from Wed or before? (It's one thing to fail to have updates,
rolling back already done updates takes a more convoluted failure mode...)