Bin Laden Associate Warns of Cyberattack

Hrmm... Al-Quaida is the one selling FUD all over America ?

I can't decide if it is actually Al Quaida,
the current Political Regime, or simply newspaper reporters
"making the news" with a common modus aperandi. (FUD)

Remember, "Great stories don't happen,
            reporters -make- great stories!"


The only thing bothering me is it -all- still reeks of
yelling "fire" in a crowded movie theatre.....

...and then passing corresponding legislation.

To Paraphrase the -OLD- KGB:

"Quick Comrade, we will protect you, sign here....
What ? You want to be Safe, Comrade, don't you ?"


I repeat my earlier post:

"FUD is an inappropriate way to manage a Nation."

  * shrug *

Naive :slight_smile: They didn't have to ask to sign anything - you had to, to get a
better job, education, etc. Not that those signatures meant anything, as
they could just issue an invitation which you couldn't refuse.


I am still floored by the fact the doors in soviet-era buildings open into
the apartments so they can be kicked in ... even more shocking is that i
think i learned that on nanog!

Yes, I remember all too well, Vadim...

We called that "McCarthyism", here in America...

(Strange, I just had an attack of DejaVu, I wonder why ? :wink:

However, I have to rev limit my political posts, Vadim...

This is NANOG, and politics -are- off charter, as I was recently
reminded.... (Article 6 of the Charter)
   ....apparently , even if it involves the internet.

So, alas, I must restrain myself, and drop political elements
to "back channel" chatter.....

However, thank you for your reminder.....

"Those who fail to learn from History are Doomed to repeat it!"



"First they came for the dissidents, and I didn't care,
as, I wasn't a dissident..."
Vadim Antonov wrote: