BGP route tracking.

Anybody watching the bgp routing table.. I see about 5,000 less routes than
usual. Anybody know a good pointer..

Okay, here are a couple quick screenshots of what we're looking at

First, a plot that shows the routing table size shrinkage since the
onset of the blackout at 16:13:07 +/- EDT, across a group
of routers.

Second, a wider-angle 3D plot of prefix withdrawal rates over the
last week, reported by various peers (one line per).

The blackout is the big event at the right hand edge (#3).

Note the sustained high rates of route withdrawal that have been
the norm since the onset of MSBlast. Unlike typical single-cause
events (like the one marked #1), MSBlast scanning has caused
prefix withdrawal rates to gently "lift off" into a noiser mode
across the board, lasting for days (so far).

(im just getting bored waiting for us to run out of fuel)

Ouch ..