BGP route-map options

Following a few documents on how to use route-maps to set preference of routes (related to my last thread regarding asymmetrical routing) all the ones I have looked at today (about 6or so) use the below method to apply the route map under the router section:

router bgp YOURAS#
neighbour x.x.x.x remote-as AS#
neighbour x.x.x.x route-map MAPNAME in

yet in the last line, "route-map" is not an option on my router, which is an ASR1004 running the version 15 line of code.

is there a new way to do this?

don't you love Cisco's consistency?

thanks much for your time again,

1) this is probably better posed over at cisco-nsp instead of NANOG.
2) i really hope you aren't using the canadian version of 'neighbor'

Try doing it under the 'address-family ipv4'?

I've never seen any version of IOS not take it.


Does the router even accept 'neighbour' instead of ' neighbor'?

thanks Thomas, I opened a ticket with Cisco and am pestering other lists so i'm not bothering anyone with my operational issues.

it does accept it under address-family, and doing a show bgp indicates something is going on:

ASR1004#show bgp | inc \ \ 150\
*> 150 0 549 26677 6509 18592 278 i

but the selected path is still going out via the other provider, not 549.

if your intrested it'll let you know the outcome.

thanks for taking the time to respond,


haha… yeah that is not a copy and paste but rather me just typing that out.

the proper spelling in the config is being used, or the american spelling… english is the worse language…

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